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Exploring Bathroom Fixture Designs

Hey everyone, my name is Bennett Bernard. I would like to talk to you about plumbing fixtures. The fixtures you install in the bathroom directly impact the flow of that space. You want to keep your design flowing from piece to piece to create a layout with movement. Stagnant designs can make you feel tired out while flowing pieces give your home energy. Bathroom fixtures come in a number of shapes, sizes and materials. You can pick up bronze faucets, aluminum knobs or copper knobs to complement your basin sink or marble countertops. I will teach you how to select the best fixtures for your home. I will also share information about advancements in bathroom fixture design. I hope you will visit my website on a daily basis to find out more.



3 Reasons To Choose Plastic Pipes (Instead Of Copper) For Your New Home

If you are in the process of building a new home, you may have worked with a lot of different contractors when making plans for your house. Now, it might be time to talk to a plumbing contractor about your in-home plumbing.

Plumbing might seem like something simple that your plumber can do without your input, but this isn't really the case. Along with asking about plumbing fixtures that you are interested in, your plumbing professional may also ask you which type of pipe you would prefer. For example, you might have the option to choose between copper and plastic pipes.

Your obvious answer might be to choose copper pipes, but you might find that you'll actually be happier with plastic pipes. These are a few reasons why.

1. Save Money

Copper isn't cheap -- otherwise, why would copper theft and copper recycling be so popular nowadays? This means that copper pipes aren't cheap, or at least they aren't as cheap as plastic pipes. You would probably rather spend that money on something that you can actually see and enjoy -- like upgraded countertops or flooring -- than on pipes, so that is one main benefit of choosing plastic over copper.

2. Avoid Leaks

Plumbing leaks can be a nightmare. They can spring just about anywhere in your plumbing system and can cause extensive property damage, mold growth and a host of other issues. You might think that it's impossible to avoid plumbing leaks, but investing in plastic pipes rather than copper pipes can actually help you do so. Since flexible plastic pipes are often made with few joints -- or even with no joints nowadays -- there are fewer chances of leaks. This is because many plumbing leaks are caused at the joints where the pipes connect, and if there are no joints, then this isn't something you'll have to worry about.

3. Avoid Corrosion

Anything that is made out of metal can be subject to rust and corrosion. Although coated pipes can be less prone to this issue, it's still something for you to worry about. This is especially true since pipes come in frequent contact with water, which can cause rust to form and can cause metal to corrode. Obviously, this is not an issue with plastic.

As you can see, it might be a good idea to opt for plastic pipes instead of metal ones. If you talk to your plumbing contractors, they can talk to you a little more about this option and can help you make the right decision.