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Exploring Bathroom Fixture Designs

Hey everyone, my name is Bennett Bernard. I would like to talk to you about plumbing fixtures. The fixtures you install in the bathroom directly impact the flow of that space. You want to keep your design flowing from piece to piece to create a layout with movement. Stagnant designs can make you feel tired out while flowing pieces give your home energy. Bathroom fixtures come in a number of shapes, sizes and materials. You can pick up bronze faucets, aluminum knobs or copper knobs to complement your basin sink or marble countertops. I will teach you how to select the best fixtures for your home. I will also share information about advancements in bathroom fixture design. I hope you will visit my website on a daily basis to find out more.



Two Household Goods To Help You Relieve The Burden On Your Septic Tank

If you have a septic tank in your home's backyard, it's important to not overburden it with the things you eject into your plumbing system. Even cleaning products, such as dishwasher detergent, can have a very harmful effect on your septic tank if they're only designed to empty into an ordinary sewer. To ensure that your septic tank lasts in an operable state for as long as possible, consider purchasing these two household goods.

Dissolvable Toilet Paper

Your septic tank can take a decent amount of ordinary toilet paper before a professional needs to empty it. However, if you want to both minimize direct septic tank maintenance and prevent permanent damage from overcrowded pipes, get specialized dissolving toilet paper for your toilets.

Since dissolving toilet paper can break down into smaller parts than ordinary toilet paper, you'll be able to store more of it in your septic tank before it becomes an issue. The small premium you'll have to pay for this specialized form of toilet paper is well worth it.

It's important to remember that you'll still have to empty out your septic tank eventually. Don't let the fact that you're using dissolving toilet paper blind you to any emergent problems with your septic tank.

Liquid Dishwasher Detergent

Solid pieces of dishwasher detergent are currently all the rage for homes connected to a normal sewage system. The main advantages of solid detergents are they're easy to use and they prevent potential messes.

However, because solid pieces of dishwasher detergent generally only break down into visible crumbs, you can't use them with a septic tank without potentially causing irreversible damage. Instead, be content with using ordinary liquid dishwasher detergent.

To help your detergent chemically break down as much as possible, ensure that your dishwasher is being supplied with a healthy amount of hot water. Don't run your dishwasher at all if either your water heater or your dishwasher's own water distribution system aren't working completely. Cold water won't stimulate the breakdown of your detergent as easily as hot water will. This will lead to small chunks of solid detergent forming on the inside of the pipe leading to your septic tank.

Since a contractor has to dig it up, even relatively minor problems with your septic tank can be very expensive. Any preventative measures that involve using cheap household goods are well worth the trouble and expense.

If you're experiencing septic tank problems, call Absolute Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Services Inc. for help.